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Complimentary first meeting

Swiftwater provides quality coaching at various price points. The first 30-minute meeting with Coach Mark is complimentary and includes an open conversation about experiential coaching fees and about what type of coaching you are seeking. 

Just You and Your coach: One-to-One

One-to-one coaching is a series of purpose-driven conversations that reveal your hidden potential. Swiftwater Coaching infuses this conversation with flow activities.

A typical 12-hour block of one-to-one coaching takes about eight weeks. Two Flow Activities of your choice supplement your one-hour coaching conversations. Choose from whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, sailing, even rock climbing. Real life experiences and in-person coaching sessions are preferred, although coaching conversation may also take place by telephone or Skype.

Your Intact Team and Your Coach

Trust and clear communications make good teams great. If your team is navigating risk and change, experiential coaching will help you grow the trust and clarity you need for success in changing circumstances.

The coaching begins with a session about trust, communication, risk and teamwork. Then it’s out for a day of team flow activity, river rafting, sea kayaking or challenge course. After the flow activity, your team and coach will explore new ideas on team performance that come out of your experience together. Recommended for work teams, civic groups and executive teams.

A Pick-Up Team and Your Coach

A life or career change often means finding ways to thrive around new people. There is no better way to explore life’s possibilities than in an exciting flow activity, shared with interesting new friends.

This coaching experience includes a pre-meeting with good food and drink. Here your new cohort is introduced to powerful tools for navigating new challenges while you plan your flow experience. Your flow activity will be either whitewater rafting or sea kayaking, followed by a celebration meal, beverages and a rousing conversation to hardwire your flow experience into future life success.