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Find Your Flow

Experiential means “learning by doing”—jumping in, taking risks and applying new insights. With your Experiential Coach, you do amazing things together. Your coaching partnership includes what you bring to it, plus the experiences you and your coach share.

Flow is fully immersed action—“being in the zone”. The Flow State creates enjoyment, energized focus and purposefulness. Swiftwater clients experience what psychology researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as “completely focused motivation”. Swiftwater Coaching helps you harness flow in the pursuit of your own agenda.

Flow-based Learning and “Adventure”

The real world is challenging and uncompromising. Feedback is immediate, consequences are real, and judgment is unbiased. It is the perfect learning arena for personal knowledge and growth. Getting “out there” is the best way to reveal what is “in here”.

The Experience in Swiftwater Coaching

Mark and Swiftwater Coaching associates are skilled in High Flow activities. Choose between sailing, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting and other challenge pursuits. Each activity has unique qualities and stimulates different insights. Swiftwater coaches are patient instructors and safe skippers in each of these activities. While general good health is required, you need not be in athletic trim to participate in rewarding flow activity. Willingness is more important than athleticism or previous experience.