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Swiftwater Coaching has arrived in Seattle with fresh thinking and an action-oriented approach to executive and life coaching. Swiftwater helps up-and-coming managers, entrepreneurs and community leaders in the Greater Seattle area create their own map and navigation tools to bring to life their personal vision of success.

With Swiftwater, you get a mentor, coach and the “got your back” support you need. What makes Swiftwater powerful and relevant to you is where the growth and learning takes place: in the Real World. Not the urban jungle and not some corporate battlefield. The Real World.

Keys to growth include the ability to put new thinking to work right away, see how it works, adjust, and try it again. The best learning requires immediate feedback and real consequences. This can be hard to find in the human-made, synthetic world. Why? Because everything human-made is made for a human purpose. In pretty much every case, that purpose is not you. With a coach, you are the focus. It’s all for you. Out there, we can ensure that the feedback we get is real and complete, not filtered for somebody else’s purpose.

Reach your Swiftwater Coach at mark@swiftwatercoaching.com and we can get to work today to design your future.

Here’s the secret sauce of the Swiftwater Method: first, you and your coach develop your Relevant Learning Concepts and your Vision Roadmap, that is, what is most important to you, and how to achieve it. Then we will put your thinking to the test, in the Real World, where the rules are simple, fair and strict.

Swiftwater uses a method called Participatory Action Research (PAR), and once you get the hang of it, PAR can be the best way to generate and test great ideas to help you live and work better. Our field of action includes the rivers, mountains and marine environments of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a simple idea: in nature the rules cannot be gamed, tricked or worked around. Therefore, the feedback is immediate and the consequences real. The only person manipulating an outcome is you, so the only place you need to look to improve an outcome is also you. The rules are beyond human manipulation: Gravity, Inertia and Friction. We test your thinking to these rules. What you learn will be life changing.

Okay, you ask, isn’t this a little–Boy Scouty? Sure, maybe, but who couldn’t use a personal Eagle Scout now and then? What’s important here isn’t just what you know, it’s knowing how you best learn. It’s not about knowing, it’s all about learning. If that’s Boy Scouty, maybe we need a few more Boy Scouts.

Desk and workload on the river

This combination of executive and life coaching, PAR and Real World experience is possible because your Swiftwater Coach has a unique combination of skills to help you grow. This skill set is unique in the executive and life coaching profession and it is uniquely available to you. Your Swiftwater Coach is Mark Steelquist. Mark is educated and credentialed as an Organizational Systems Renewal Consultant, with a Masters degree in Whole Systems Design, and a Certified Coach. Additionally, Mark is a whitewater rafting guide instructor, high ropes course facilitator and mountaineering and rock climbing instructor. He leads a leadership development nonprofit for young adults and has been taking people into the wild and bringing them back alive and better for many years.

This powerful combination of skills and experience puts cutting-edge knowledge in systems thinking, relational modeling and personal development into immediately understandable action, in a flow of fully embodied experience. With Mark as your coach, you put the coffee mug down, unplug from the gadgets for a bit and go outside to generate and test new thinking. And it all comes together, faster than you have ever learned, and deeper and more relevantly than you can imagine while reading this blog.

Summit push on Mt. Adams

Now that you are curious, send Mark an email and let’s schedule your free, no-commitment meeting with Swiftwater. In our first 30 minutes together we will know if this is a fit for you and your aspirations. If it is, we proceed with mapping your new vision and putting it to the test. If not, Mark can help you plot your next steps in another direction. Email us now: mark@swiftwatercoaching.com.


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